3StepAgreement How the Software Works
3StepAgreement™ works as easily as, well, one, two, three. The question-and-answer interface collects and manages your information and data allowing you to easily prepare your own separation/settlement agreement which is ready for you and your spouse to sign. You are in control!

Here's how...

Step 1. You create a private online account. You designate a username and password. You should use something easy to remember. When this is finished, you begin creating your separation/settlement agreement.

Step 2. You answer a few easy - and nonlegal questions - moving at your own pace.

Step 3. When all the questions are answered, you instantly generate and print your agreement. You review it and sign it in the presence of a notary.

Always remember that with this Premium Agreement Software, you login and logout of your secure account as many times as you wish. You answer questions and key in data at your own pace. You and your spouse can work on this together, if desired. All the information is saved, and any answer may be changed at any time. If you want, you may reprint or change your agreement as many times as you wish at no additional charge.

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Agreement Account Bonus If you have children, you will receive a 1-Year FREE subscription to Custody JunctionTM. With a value of $47, this bonus helps you manage divorced parenting, particularly custody, visitation and support payments. Your activation information is provided instantly with your documents and a tool like this is highly recommended by judges and lawyers.

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